Lalbagh Fort – Old Dhaka

I played the tourist this afternoon and visited Old Dhaka, in particular Lalbagh Fort, one of the surviving legacies of the Mughal period.  The weather had broken earlier in the day with a heavy downpour of rain, and so the afternoon was cool, making it very pleasant to stroll around the beautiful grounds. 

Bibi Pari’s Tomb


Founded by a prince-subedar, Azam Shah in the late 17th century AD, it was initially called “Kella Aurangbad” in honor of the Mughal Emperor Auragzeb Alamgir.  The weathered domes and turrets, towers and fortifications of this Mughal monument remain majestic today.


Dhaka was a city of the Mughals for a hundred years and they erected a series of river forts against the recurring raids of the Mugh and Portuguese pirates in Dhaka. The main purpose of Lalbagh Fort was to provide a defensive enclosure and was a type of palace-fortress rather than a siege fort.

Residence, Audience Hall and the Hammam038

The central hall has a domed roof and a complicated system of earthenware pipes, embedded into the thickness of the walls to supply hot and cold water to the hammam.



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