While traveling to Bandarban

I visited the Chittagong Hill Tracts last week, Bandarban to be precise. It’s a ten hour bus journey from Dhaka city across an amazing part of the world. To distract myself from the terrifying driving and near collisions on the busy highway I stuck my camera out of the window and managed to capture some images of what was out there.  

Road to Bandarban (2) 
Many people use the highway to walk between villages to find work, and the countryside they travel through is truly beautiful. The highway itself is teeming with traffic, everyone hooting horns in a bid to overtake the next vehicle. As is typical in Bangladesh roads are occupied by just about every type of vehicle you can imagine.  

Road to Bandarban (4)
We passed through many busy villages along the way, dropping off a few passengers, but always picking up many more in exchange. The noise and activity was intense, but for one market trader the midday sun proved just too much.

Road to Bandarban (5)

As the afternoon wore on the burning sun abated a little and people seemed to congregate around whatever water they could find. I spotted one dedicated driver who even found time to wash the dust of a busy day off his rickshaw.

Road to Bandarban (6)


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