The Sangu River

The contrast between my two homes in Bangladesh is apparent when comparing the main river running through both, the Buriganga through Dhaka and the Sangu through Bandarban, the only river born within Bangladesh territory. After spending the day trekking in the jungle a small boat was hired to ferry us back to town.

The remoteness of my new surroundings was never more pronounced than when watching the wonderful countryside quietly drift by. The source of the Sangu is in the North Arakan Hills, flowing through Bandarban district east to west, finally ending its 270 km journey when entering the bay of Bengal, just south of the mouth of the Karnafuli.

Approaching Bandarban town from the river opened up an interesting new vista, and clearly demonstrated how the local community here relies heavily on the river water for the daily activities of their everyday lives.

Bandarban town tumbles down to the very edge of these waters, with so many people living only a few feet away from the river banks themselves. The Sangu transports goods down to Chittagong city and is an important source of fresh fish with its water being used for irrigating crops, as well as the many households and local business who also rely on it.


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