High in the beautiful Bandarban hills

I’ve just returned home to my little flat in Bandarban town after spending two days working in the field. The simple act of traveling, hour after hour through this amazing and stunningly beautiful area is in itself uplifting. Spectacular views open out around each and every corner turned, while climbing up to the higher altitude on a constantly twisting and seemingly never ending mountain road.

With the recent slight increase in temperature, and as we prepare to leave winter behind, butterflies abound. Some are as large as birds but even the smaller ones are of a vivid eye catching colour.

I’ve also noticed subtle changes in the flora across the several trips I’ve made to date, spanning four months of travel through this glorious part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

And as twilight approaches you can witness yet another change taking place, with a more dramatic effect taken on by the surrounding hills, as this light creates a startling quality all of its own.

Having been given the opportunity to live and work amongst the great beauty that exists here in these Bandarban Hills, it will remain for me a time that I will continue to treasure long after I have left this very special place.


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